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Armour Stone & Natural Stone Stairs

Add something unique to your landscape! Natural stone steps look excellent when mixed with both interlocking or other armour stone making them a perfect fit for any project. Our steps are usually 6 to 8 inches in height and come in a variety of finishes, such as natural, flamed, or bush hammered. Available in: 3-9 ft lengths and a variety of.

Armour Stone & Natural Stone Stairs

Elite Blue Granite Armor Stone & Steps Published by Elroy Wagler on February 1, 2021 The builder was very happy how the tall Armor Stone covered more of the concrete foundation and created a beautiful raised planting area. When we supplied the stone for this project, we didn't know that our nephew would live here some day.

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Stairways Design unique stairwells with Armour Stone. We have the available in multiple colours from dark grey to chestnur brown and charcoal. Garden Walls Make your garden dreams come to life with the differnt design options available when using Armour Stone. Ponds

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Rock faced or bullnosed. Waterfall Slabs Buff, brown and grey colors. Random sizes and thicknesses. Smooth semi-weathered surfaces. Armor Stone Brought in from various Ontario quarries. Stackable sizes, 12"-36" heights and random depths. Grey, black and buff in colour. Moss Rock Weathered texture.

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Gardens & Armour stone Melanie Rekola Landscape Design A huge level change within this backyard required extensive armor stone wall to allow for the pool, patio and lush garden on a slope. Natural stone steps allow access to the low maintenance and drought tolerant garden and forested area beyond.

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Armour stone is a large, thick and heavy rock which lends well to its wall building capabilities. Their sheer size can be supplemented by a simple locking mechanism, such as a built-in lip on the bottom, to ensure a solidly built wall. Getting started

Armour Stone Entrance Stoneworks Landscape Construction

STEPS Add a natural element to your landscaping. Natural stone steps look excellent when mixed with both interlocking or flagstone. Steps come in various lengths, most being 3 to 8 feet long. They are usually 5 to 7 inches in height and 16 to 18 inches in depth. Steps come in a variety of finishes, such as natural, flamed, or bush hammered.

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Antique Limestone. Black Limestone. Blue Ice. Hampton Limestone. Onyx Black. Sagebrush. Slate Grey. Choose from our extensive selection of in-stock products or call us for additional styles, colours. We'll find or fabricate exactly what you're looking for.

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Keep step depth between 12" and 18". Choose stones between 6" and 7" thick for ideal rise. Plan to make the bottom step wider than the others. It just looks better. Estimate the number of steps first. Divide the total distance your steps must travel, or run (r¹), by an average step depth of 14".

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Tuesday: 9am-3pm Wednesday: 9am-3pm Thursday: 9am-3pm Friday: 9am-3pm Saturday: CLOSED Sunday: CLOSED Armour Stone Slab Steps - 6-8" thick. Random widths. Gray to black in color.

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Natural Stone Products: Armor Stone, Flagstone, Square Cut Steps. $ 175.00 - $ 450.00. Natural Stone Products for use in Hardscaping, pathways, and wall building are priced in 2 unique ways. Armour Stone pieces and Limestone "Moss Rock" make GREAT accents in any landscape design. Armour stone, Flagstone, and Large Boulders are PRICED BY.

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Weathered Face Steps & Armour Stone Published by Elroy Wagler on November 21, 2022 November 21, 2022. The "Weathered Face" Weatheredge Limestone Steps are as "Close to Nature as you can get"… especially when coming up through the Weatheredge Limestone Armor Stone.

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Our wide selection of natural stone products, include Armour Stone, Natural Steps, Guillotine and Decorative Limestone. If you don't see what you need on our web site, we will be happy to find or create specific products for you. Proudly Offering Nationwide Service, with Emphasis on Ontario. Who We Are Our stone is suitable for your project.

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615 Share 55K views 3 years ago #hardscaping #backyardmakeover #backyarddesign A step by step look at a natural stone stair with simple paver surface. #steps #stairs #hardscape #landscape.

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Armor stone steps (of irregular shape) bring a spirit of natural rock landscape to the area. Each step is a slab of natural quartzite left as it is at the front and side edges. Such steps are sometimes called "random stone steps." The dimensions of these steps vary. The longest one we have now is 88 inches long.