Top 30 Most Popular One Piece Characters – Worldwide (2023)

Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece is a masterpiece in many ways. It has multiple significant plots and interesting character build-up. One Piece has one of the most unique plots that is surrounded by valuable questions. Oda takes his readers on a ride where he lets them go through multiple emotions at a single time. The manga started in 1997 and has continued ever since. As per a local news update from Oda, One Piece will soon come to an end. The anime adaptation of the manga so far has 20 seasons. The manga has hit more than 1000 chapters. It won’t be long before the anime series too reaches 1000 episodes. On the occasion of the manga reaching 1000 chapters, a Global Popularity Poll was held by One Piece to establish the 100 most popular characters in One Piece. The poll was held online where fans from different corners of the world let in their views.

This popularity poll is usually only open to Japan. However, on an auspicious occasion, it was made available to a wider population. The poll ranked the top 100 characters out of the thousands of characters in the series. The polls were held in 6 different places, namely Asia, Oceania, North America, Japan, Latin America and Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. The results of the polls in different areas were specific to the place. On May 5, the result of the Polls was released. In addition to the individual poll results, an overall result was also released, derived by adding the individual points.

Here are the top 30 most popular characters in One Piece as per the Global Popularity Poll.

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30. Dracule Mihawk

Top 30 Most Popular One Piece Characters – Worldwide (1)

Rank 30: Dracule Mihawk.

Dracule Mihawk earned 65, 869 points overall in the popularity poll and is seated as the 30th most popular in One Piece. The famous pirate and the strongest swordsman in the world attracts a big fan group. People love a determined antagonist who has a sense of honor. Dracule Mihawk is just the person who gave viewers a certain sensation of a thrill whenever he appeared on the screen. He was one of the Seven Warlords of the sea and Roronoa Zoro’s master at one point. Mihawk is incredibly strong and can match his strength to a Yonko. He prefers and seeks stronger opponents to fight. This aspect of Mihawk is especially loved by fans. He has the skills and natural abilities that he puts forward for a challenge. If that’s not entertaining, what is?

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29. Gol D. Roger

Top 30 Most Popular One Piece Characters – Worldwide (2)

Rank 29: Gol D Roger.

With 66,270 points, Gol D. Roger is the 29th most popular One Piece character. The man who conquered the Grand Line deserves to take his place on the list. He was legendary in more ways than one. Gol D. Roger was the captain of the Roger Pirates and had achieved the title of the Pirate King. He had also found and owned the treasure that the series is based on: One Piece. Of course, Gol D. Roger was not a person with the best morals. But, he is loved with all the criticism. Without Gol D. Roger, there would be no Golden Age of Pirates.

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28. Franky

Top 30 Most Popular One Piece Characters – Worldwide (3)

Rank 28: Franky.

Like Chopper, a lot of One Piece fans must have hyped over the Shipwright of the Straw Hat Pirates. Franky earned 66,398 points in the Global poll. He has become a major character over the years despite starting as an antagonist. Oda’s creation of Franky can be considered as one of the best additions to the series. Being a cyborg, Franky is indefinitely strong. But, what makes him so loved worldwide is his adorable demeanor. He is entertaining, funny yet has a dark background. People might find him a bit annoying, but he ends up becoming a sweetheart for all. He is a perfect mixture of a silly character who can also be a total badass and fans love it!

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27. Smoker

Top 30 Most Popular One Piece Characters – Worldwide (4)

Rank 27: Smoker

Smoker received 66,962 points in the Global Popularity Poll. This speaks a lot for Smoker, who has not been much relevant to the plot. Despite his involvement, Smoker is one of the most popular characters in One Piece. Smoker is a Marine officer who (as suspected from the name) holds an affinity towards cigars and smoking. His appearance is intimidating, but when you start getting to know him, one cannot help but love him. Ever since Smoker’s introduction into the anime, Oda has shown off his soft side. He is nowhere even close to as intimidating as he seems. From his conversation with the little girl who bumped into him, it is clear that Smoker is just a sweet but big man who deserves a lot of love!

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26. Brook

Top 30 Most Popular One Piece Characters – Worldwide (5)

Rank 26: Brook.

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Standing on the 26th rank is Brook carrying 75,741 points. After eating Yomi Yomi no Mi, Brook was resurrected back to life. Using the powers of Devil Fruit, he can control his soul as well as the souls of the others. Brook is a skeleton (literally) with perm hair. He is the musician of the Straw Hat Pirates. Initially, Brook might look like a perverted skeleton who cannot hold back his jokes. Of course, he is funny, but Brook is so much more than just comedic relief. He is a ruthless fighter who would cut his enemies before they know. If he can’t be one of the most popular characters in One Piece, then who can?

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25. Perona

Perona made a fun antagonist that raised a lot of people to become her fans. In the Global Popularity Poll of One Piece, she received 80,255 points. She was the former commander of Wild Zombies and one of the Mysterious Four. If her gothic outlook did not impress people right away, her personality did. She constantly needs something cute to look at and tends to get lonely easily. Perona strays away from the usual character design of One Piece. She is one of the cutest characters in the franchise that easily attracts more fans. Perona is an overall enjoyable character.

Yet, Perona poses as more than just a cute character. She is strong, and her devil fruit allows her the power to gather information from all around the world.

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24. Kozuki Oden

Top 30 Most Popular One Piece Characters – Worldwide (7)

Rank 24: Kozuki Oden.

Kozuki Oden was one of the most popular characters in One Piece even before he made an appearance in the anime. He served as the second division commander under Whitebeard and left quite an impression. After he left the crew, Whitebeard kept the post vacant for years until Ace came along. But, Kozuki’s impact went beyond manga panels or TV screens and reached many fans’ hearts. This impact gained him 82,773 points in the recent poll. Kozuki Oden is considered one of the strongest members of the Whitebeard Pirates. He was a legend but insanely naive. Kaido acknowledged his strength well and saw him as a threat. The fact that it took him petty tricks up his sleeves to kill Kaido says a lot about Kaido’s strength. As someone who was also wanted by Roger, Oden is indefinitely one of the most popular characters in One Piece.

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23. Eustass Kid

Top 30 Most Popular One Piece Characters – Worldwide (8)

Rank 23: Eustass Kid.

The captain of the Kid Pirate, Eustass Kid, is Luffy’s rival. In the beginning, it was hinted that he was almost as strong as Luffy. Oda mentioned that he is a special character, and readers and fans are feeling it. He was the only originally planned supernova character of One Piece which makes him quite interesting. He hasn’t had much screen time or much development. But, from what we already know, Eustass Kid is indeed a character that fans buy. The character earned 86,545 points in the Global Popularity Poll and stands at the 25th rank. Fans would love more Eustass Kid content in the future that features a battle between him and Luffy.

22. Bentham

Top 30 Most Popular One Piece Characters – Worldwide (9)

Rank 22: Bentham.

Bentham got 88,082 points in the Global Popularity Poll. Yet another antagonist turned brilliant character, Bentham, is one of many epitomai of Oda’s brilliant skills as a mangaka. As an antagonist, Bentham was a no-good character that people could not bother liking. But after his friendship with Luffy, fans started to get to know Bentham little by little. One piece fans would agree that Bentham has had an amazing development. Oda lets us inside his head that allows us, as fans, to love this character. He could easily be anyone’s favorite character after his significance in two major arcs. Not to mention, had Bentham not been around, Luffy would probably be dead midway. Oda’s unpredictable ways of creating such characters can never cease readers from being amused all the time.

21. Nefertari Vivi

Top 30 Most Popular One Piece Characters – Worldwide (10)

Rank 21: Nefeltari Vivi.

Nefertari Vivi, princess of Arabasta, used to be a bounty hunter. She joins the Straw Hat Pirates as a spy and has since kept track of them. Despite being a noble, Nefeltari has a very down-to-earth side that people seem to love about her. It’s her patriotic love for her country that would lead her to do whatever it takes for its well-being. She became a fan favorite in no time after her first appearance despite being only a side character. Nefertari came off as a very different character than those on the Straw Hat Pirates crew. She was sweet and caring. So, even if she turned out to be an antagonist at one point, she had already won many fans, making her one of the most popular characters in One Piece. In the Global Popularity Poll of One Piece, she earned 90,645 points.

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20. Donquixote Doflamingo

Top 30 Most Popular One Piece Characters – Worldwide (11)

Rank 20: Donquixote Doflamingo.

Like Mihawk, Donquixote Doflamingo was one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. He was also the captain of the Donquixote Pirates. Donquixote represented an antagonist angle that lets Luffy into a protagonist. This very character was created with so much thought and precision that he brings up a lot of meaning into the One Piece plot. I’m unsure regarding how intentional it was, but Donquixote turned out quite similar to Luffy yet a complete opposite. If looked into it, you can notice how their goals are similar, yet their intentions behind are so different. People love Donquixote Doflamingo because he has a strong presence in the series. At least, that’s how I feel. He indeed has many people who see him as a favorite, evident from the 96,402 points he received.

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19. Marco

Top 30 Most Popular One Piece Characters – Worldwide (12)

Rank 19: Marco.

Marco secured 98,431 points in the Global Popularity Poll. It is not surprising at all because there has always been a fan following surrounding the character. He has been through some of the worst situations, but he survived. He fought off valiantly in Payback War and came back without any major injuries. Marco was the 1st division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates and a potential Yonko Candidate too. On the first look, people cannot assume that he would be strong. Maybe it’s the surprise factor that gets people to love him all the more.

18. Jinbe

Top 30 Most Popular One Piece Characters – Worldwide (13)

Rank 18: Jinbe.

Jinbe, the helmsman of the Straw Hat Pirates, is perhaps one of the top ten strongest characters in One Piece. He stood fearlessly in front of Big Mama, demanding to take his life rather than be with her. When a character shows so much determination, it is difficult to not like him. He seeks to fulfill his previous captain’s wish of bringing equality between fish people and humans. Jinbe earned 102,354 points, seating himself at the 18th rank of the list. There have been multiple debates about his strength. It could be possible that he is stronger than some crewmates of the Straw Hat Pirates. Though such a theory was never confirmed, various instances have led fans to believe in the fact.

17. Crocodile

Top 30 Most Popular One Piece Characters – Worldwide (14)

Rank 17: Crocodile.

One Piece has a great set of antagonists. Crocodile was one of these sets that fans couldn’t get tired of. He was the first warlord defeated by Luffy, so he holds a special significance in the plot. However, Crocodile could no way be considered weak. Every screen time of Crocodile had been great which is probably why his ranking seems well fit. He earned 109,837 points in the Global Popularity Poll. Crocodile achieved a lot in his life. But, what makes me love him extremely is his involvement in Ace’s execution. The way he stopped Ace’s execution will always remain impressive for me.

16. Tony Tony Chopper

Top 30 Most Popular One Piece Characters – Worldwide (15)

Rank 16: Chopper.

Tony Tony Chopper earned 116,364 points. He is the doctor of Luffy’s crew and dreams of becoming able to cure any disease. For starters, Chopper instantly catches the eye for being extremely cute. His voice actor has successfully given him such an adorable outlook that having him on this list was very predictable. This character is known even by people who do not watch One Piece for his vast popularity.

Tony Tony Chopper is again, yet another strong character of the franchise. He holds a wide range of knowledge about medicines.

15. Usopp

Top 30 Most Popular One Piece Characters – Worldwide (16)

Rank 15: Usopp.

The Straw Hat Pirates’ skilled sniper, Usopp holds 131,090 points. Usopp uses a slingshot. It is almost scary to wonder how scary he would be if he used a rifle. Oda presents yet another character for his fans. The main notion revolving around Usopp is his constant desire to be as strong as he wants to be. He lies out of fear and cowardice. Seeing this side of Usopp makes him a very relatable character. Unlike the fearless bunch of characters like Jinbe, Usopp represents that very notion of fear and normalizes it. Despite his fears, Usopp strives to be stronger and be more reliable.

14. Charlotte Katakuri

Top 30 Most Popular One Piece Characters – Worldwide (17)

Rank 14: Charlotte Katakuri.

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Even if claimed to be an antagonist, Charlotte Katakuri never had evil intentions. In the Global Popularity Poll, Charlotte achieved 152,070 points. Why people like him is quite simple. First off, he was never created to hate. Instead, he was quite honorable. Additionally, he was pretty good-looking with an entertaining sense of humor. Charlotte Katakuri respected Luffy. Towards the end of his fight, he makes a positive development in his character as he decides to change his views and beliefs. Finally, he has been portrayed as a man who cared. He cared for his family and sought to protect it.

13. Donquixote Rosinante

Top 30 Most Popular One Piece Characters – Worldwide (18)

Rank 13: Donquixote Rosinante.

The younger brother of Donquixote Doflamingo was Donquixote Rosinante. He served Doflamingo as an Elite officer among the Donquixote Pirates. However, it was later revealed that Rosinante was an undercover Marine Commander. He gained 157,167 points and became the 13th of the most popular characters in One Piece. He was executed by Doflamingo after his true identity was revealed. The moral compass of many characters in One Piece does not point north. Oda’s One Piece is the kind of story that lets you ask questions. The same goes for Rosinante, who is also seen as a better version of Doflamingo.

12. Shanks

Top 30 Most Popular One Piece Characters – Worldwide (19)

Rank 12: Shanks.

Shanks was a member of the Roger Pirates who does not make too many appearances in the series. But, he is widely respected by many characters for being a powerful pirate. Despite not having a lot of screentime, Shanks secured 171,610 points in the Global Popularity Poll. It goes without saying that he is one of the most popular characters in One Piece. Shanks became the captain of the Red-Haired Pirates. He is known to have a very friendly nature despite being a legendary pirate. While many characters in One Piece have a blurred sense of morals, Shanks is a rare personality.

11. Yamato

Top 30 Most Popular One Piece Characters – Worldwide (20)

Rank 11: Yamato.

Yamato is an extremely interesting character in the series who has gathered a lot of One Piece fans towards herself. The Global Popularity Poll ranked her at 11 after she earned 259,738 votes. Yamato is Kaido’s daughter, who is also referred to as Kaido’s daughter. This reference rose after she claimed to be Kozuki Oden. She forms a unique connection with Luffy through Ace. Despite being the ultimate antagonist’s daughter, Yamato idolized Kozuki Oden. She is a recent character, but she has a lot going on around here that has intrigued a lot of fans.

10. Sabo

Top 30 Most Popular One Piece Characters – Worldwide (21)

Rank 10: Sabo.

Sabo has a lot of criticism surrounding it. While some dislike him, others absolutely love him. However, seems like there’s a majority bunch who hold positive thoughts for him given that he is one of the top ten most popular characters in One Piece. He gained 318,869 points in the Global Popularity Poll. The Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army, Sabo, also happens to be the adoptive brother of Ace and Luffy. Sabo holds major significance in Luffy’s character development and the entire plot of One Piece. His death caused Luffy to hate the Celestial Dragon. We get an insight into the issues of the society within the world of One Piece through his death.

9. Portgas D. Ace

Top 30 Most Popular One Piece Characters – Worldwide (22)

Rank 9: Portgas D Ace.

Portgas D. Ace died in episode 483 but did his influence die with him? Not really. After 973 episodes, he is still unforgotten and loved by many. He not only earned a massive amount of points (355,503 to be exact) but also ranked in the top ten most popular characters in One Piece (worldwide). A reason why he holds so many fans together is that fans could sympathize with him. Of course, he was cool and strong, but he has had a story that motivated people. He survived through a world that despised his existence and grew through the sufferings. Ace is indeed one of the coolest characters in One Piece, but he holds more meaning to his presence than being just a pretty boy.

8. Carrot

Top 30 Most Popular One Piece Characters – Worldwide (23)

Rank 8: Carrot.

Carrot is a cute mink of the Inurashi Musketeer Squad. Her personality matches Luffy to an extent as she lives a careless and laid-back life. However, in combat, she is very intense and serious. She has been depicted as a naive character with a lack of experience as a pirate. However, she is much loved overall as she gained 388,565 points in the Popularity Poll. Carrot is a fun and different character that makes the One Piece plot livelier. It would be nice to see her join the Straw Hat Pirates someday.

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7. Boa Hancock

Top 30 Most Popular One Piece Characters – Worldwide (24)

Rank 7: Boa Hancock.

With 392,951 points, Boa Hancock is the seventh most popular character in One Piece as per the Global Popularity Poll. Boa Hancock represents a strong female personality. She was the only female member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. Later she becomes the Snake Princess of the Amazon Lilly and captain of the Kuja Pirates. Boa Hancock became a character that fans loved after her backstory was revealed. Boa is undoubtedly a strong character, but she isn’t exactly the strongest in the series. Her moments of care with Luffy gave people all the more reason to love her.

6. Nico Robin

Top 30 Most Popular One Piece Characters – Worldwide (25)

Rank 6: Nico Robin.

Nico Robin is a member of the Straw Hat Pirates. In most gags, Robin plays the role of the straight man. She does not show many emotions and is always calm. Nico Robin earned 599,835 points in the Global Popularity Poll. Of course, Robin is adorable and has a lot of good qualities. But, what attracts people the most towards her to rank at 6 in the list of the most popular characters in One Piece is her development rather than her character. She started from being a stoic and cold person. But she opened up to the crew of Straw Hat Pirates eventually. The development depicts her care for the crew and how she feels comfortable around them.

5. Trafalgar Law

Top 30 Most Popular One Piece Characters – Worldwide (26)

Rank 5: Trafalgar Law.

Trafalgar Law is easily one of the most popular characters in One Piece. There are multiple reasons to like him such as his backstory, his cool fighting style, and a very nice character. What is completely bizarre is that Trafalgar Law barely has any screen time. He is the captain of the Heart Pirates and wore the title of the Seven Warlords of the Sea for some time. But, he does not show up much in the series. Despite this, Trafalgar Law has a huge fanbase. He earned 646,686 points in the poll, once again proving his influence in the One Piece fandom.

4. Sanji

Top 30 Most Popular One Piece Characters – Worldwide (27)

Rank 4: Sanji.

Number four on the list is Sanji with 970,286 points. He was a prince of the Germa Kingdom, but then he joined the Straw Hat Pirates as a cook. Sanji is usually chivalrous and soft. He is silly at times and absolutely dashing at others. Sanji’s sociable character brings more and more fans to love him. He brings in a lot of fun to the series making it enjoyable along with the intensity.

3. Nami

Top 30 Most Popular One Piece Characters – Worldwide (28)

Rank 3: Nami.

Nami stands at number 3 on the list. She earned 1,085,141 points. Nami is a member of the Straw Hat Pirates. She is portrayed as a greedy and violent person, but that is all for comic relief. Let’s admit it, we’ve all laughed at Nami going berserk every now and then. Nami is a major character in the series, and it feels like One Piece would be missing a lot without her. Additionally, Nami is a very good fighter. Her fighting style is unique and incredible. As someone who always stans strong female characters, Nami does not stand back from being my favorite character either.

2. Roronoa Zoro

Top 30 Most Popular One Piece Characters – Worldwide (29)

Rank 2: Roronoa Zoro.

Roronoa Zoro is the first member that joined the Straw Hat Pirates. He was a student of Dracule Mihawk and sees him as his biggest opponent. Zoro has a bad sense of judgment, but he is an amazing swordsman. Zoro makes up for a perfect fan favorite because of his badass personality. Moreover, he is very loyal to Luffy and the crew. Roronoa Zoro is the kind of character that gives out no reason to hate on him. People may prefer other characters over him, but there would barely be anyone to dislike him. In the Global Popularity Poll, Roronoa Zoro earned 1,445,034 points placing him second among the most popular characters in One Piece.

1. Monkey D. Luffy

Top 30 Most Popular One Piece Characters – Worldwide (30)

Rank 1: Monkey D Luffy.

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The protagonist of One Piece, Monkey D. Luffy is the most popular character in One Piece. He earned 1,637,921 points worldwide. He dreams of becoming the Pirate King and is the captain of the infamous Straw Hat Pirates. Monkey has high regenerative qualities and refined combat skills. Luffy becomes the embodiment of freedom in One Piece, the very reason why he decided to become a Pirate King. Fans will find a hundred reasons to like Luffy because he is what makes One Piece what it is: a fun yet intense shounen series about overpowered pirates.

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