Top 10 Strongest Characters in Demon Slayer (2023)

An Anime that is stuffed completely with characters with unimaginable power scales, where the side characters are more powerful than the protagonist. We have got you a power list of the Top 10 Strongest Characters in Demon Slayer. Demon Slayer is the anime that went viral since its release, the anime community had fallen in love with the story of demons and demon slayers. The Manga had already been one of the bestselling in Japan and the had topped the list many times already, but when the anime came out it rolled over every anime that was airing at the time.

The Characters are so beautifully designed by keeping their powers in mind, and despite being a Shonen Anime the story takes it course far from the genre. The Top 10 Strongest Characters in Demon Slayer we made a list of are chosen by taking their abilities in factor, despite their unimaginable power scaling we have to keep their mental strength and strategies while putting up this list. It has the “Hashiras” who are the most powerful corps in the Demon Slayers and as well as the Demons who are strong in a way that’s out of this world.

The Hashira’s use most of their techniques with their own breathing techniques which helps them focus all their power in their swords, whereas the Demons have their blood techniques and they can regenerate any organ and limbs they lose. That’s the only actor where the demon’s outsmart the Hashira’s, it’s more like a cheat code but hey everything’s fair in a dirty fight of swords. In Demon Slayer we don’t have the common Shonen characters plot where their power scaling touches the sky during a battle for no reason at all. Here the characters only grow when there is a rhyme or a reason, that’s what makes the fights fair and beautiful. So, are you ready for this list filled with the Top 10 Strongest Characters in Demon Slayer?

10. Tomioka Giyu

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Tomioka Guyu made his first appearance during the time when Tanjiro was carrying Nezuko on his back and taking her to treatment, they come across Giyu who holds a sword against the demon with the intention to kill her. Giyu is the current Water Hashira and one of the strongest swordsmen in the Hashira squad, he is a man of very less words and is often picked on by his comrades. You see him in his full potential when he saves Tanjiro and slices down the upper moon Rui with his “Eleventh Form: Dead Calm”, this loner doesn’t like to waste his words and breath on the demons.

During the final battles where the Hashira’s go all out vs Muzan and his Upper Moons, you can see Giyu activating his demon slayer mark and going all out with Tanjiro to defeat a strong Akaza! He is as dangerous as a demon when he is serious, the Water Hashira is the reason Tanjiro and Nezuko survived the Hashiras and got a place in the Demon Slayer Corps. He has lost his friends Sabito to demons and that’s the reason he wants to protect Tanjiro, as his nature reminds him of his friend Sabito. Towards the end Giyu is one of the people who survive the battle with Muzan.

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9. Akaza

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Since the moment he made his appearance on screen, he has caused nothing but havoc in the series. This Demon who is crazily powerful enough to go on par with some of the Hashiras, he is known as the “Hashira Killer”. Akaza got this name because of the fact that he had killed a large number of Hashira’s over the past century, he likes to belittle them before killing them but akaza is a demon who doesn’t likes to kill women and children. He is known as one of the most popular demon slayer characters after the Mugen Train Movie, and the third strongest demon Muzan created with his blood.

During his encounter with the Flame Hashira Rengoku, he went on to display his full power mode and asked Rengoku to do it too so they can enjoy the battle. Akaza is so impressed by the power of the Flame Hashira that he proposes him to turn into a demon, so they can battle for eternities without dying. But Rengoku denies this offer and after a long battle, Akaza shoves his hand through Rengoku’s Solar Plexus and almost gets sliced by his sword. The Battle was a close one and Akaza had to run away tearing his limbs before he could get hit by the sun, however while being abused and taunted by Tanjiro when he runs away. Akaza makes a pact that he will make Tanjiro remember who he is when they meet next time in the battlefield, there is a fact about this demon that he has always been tremendously strong since he was a human being and being a demon just helped him become stronger.

8. Kyojuro Rengoku

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Kyojuro Rengoku is the Flame Hashira in the Demon Slayer Corps, he is often seen enjoying his meal mindfully and protecting the ones who need it. We saw Rengoku’s full potential in the “Demon Slayer: Mugen Train” and in some of the episodes in the second season, we found out that Rengoku never never read the scriptures of the Flame Hashira’s breating techniques. He learnt the techniques on his own and became this strong, now imagine if he had studied those scriptures of his family then what would have been the power level of the Flame Hashira! We have to also consider the fact that Rengoku never activated his Demon Slayer mark, which is known to Increase the User’s power level to a large extent.

Rengoku’s Father was the former Flame Hashira and he is not fond of Rengoku because of the reason that he denied reading the scriptures to reach his full potential, his mother was the only motivation for him becoming stronger and protecting others. Rengoku, loses his mother at a very young age and is left with his little brother Sengoku, and a father who turns into an alcoholic to avoid the pain. Even Akaza was shocked that how can a mere human go to these lengths of power, he applauds Rengoku during the battle and makes an offer for him to turn into a Demon. Sadly, Rengoku meets his end by the end of the battle with Akaza, but he stirs up something inside the Tanjiro, Inosuke and Zenitsu before he dies.

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7. Doma

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We see a glimpse of Doma at the end of the Second season, where you see him carrying a lady on his back and eating her. Doma, is the Upper Six of the Moons, and he has a thing where he hates women and likes to kill and eat them, this is the reason most of the times there wasn’t a good relationship between Akaza and Doma. He is the demon who had killed the former Insect Hashira known as Kanae Kocho, the power Doma possesses is greater than Akaza, despite Akaza being stronger in hand-to-hand combat. His Blood Demon Art is one of the most beautiful yet scariest techniques in the series, it is connected to the image of a Bodhisattva.

Doma, uses the Cryokinesis which is an ice-based technique with amazing accuracy and power, he has the strongest offense and defense both using his blood demon art. Doma is so strong that he also went on to kill the current Insect Hashira “Shinobu Kocho” and gulped her down, like we said he has a thing for women and he likes to kill them mercilessly. Later you find out that Doma reminds Inosuke that he resembles his mother and that he had saved her from the abusive household they lived in. But after she ran away from Doma’s temple after finding out that he is a demon, he kills her and eats her flesh to the bone. Doma is one of the most popular demon slayer characters, despite not even making a proper appearance in the anime yet.

6. Sanemi Shinazugawa

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Sanemi, made his entrance in the anime with a bang, he mercilessly stabs Nezuko with his sword while denying the fact that she should be kept alive. He is one of the top 10 most popular demon slayer characters, the fandom absolutely hated this hot blooded hashira and also for the way he treated Nezuko and thought he is a character that has no morals and value. But if we think about all that he was doing is his job, and that is to kill every demon he comes across.

Sanemi is the Wind Hashira and he is the only Hashira who is always excited to kill demons, you can figure it out by the battle marks he has covering his body and face. You can see his Wind Techniques during a friendly battle with Giyu whom he hates the most in the squad, he is nothing but crazily talented despite looking like an evil character. But during the final battle with Muzan and his demons, you will see Sanemi activating his Demon Slayer mark and wiping the floor with low rank demons. He also managed to go head-to-head with Kokushibo who is the Upper Moon One, he battled and troubled the powerful to demon despite being wounded badly by his opponent. Later after killing Kokushibo with the help of Gyomei and Muichiro, he runs towards Muzan and battles him with other Hashiras.

5. Kamado Tanjiro

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Kamado Tanjiro, is the protagonist of the Demon Slayer series, he is one of the most popular demon slayer characters who have a huge fan following. Tanjiro never wanted to become a demon slayer and get into the world of demons, but he had to choose this path in order to turn back his Demon Sister back into a human being. He promises his family to avenge their death and kill Muzan, he takes a vow to end the King of Demons so others don’t have to suffer as same as him. Tanjiro has a scar on his forehead which is similar to the one his father had, and surprisingly it resembles a lot to the one Yourichi had.

He was vigorously trained under the former Water Hashira “Sakonji Urokodaki”, who trained him to become a Hashira and helped nezuko calm her demon instincts down. You can see Tanjiro’s real potential during the final selection where a lot of potential demon slayers get eaten by demons, he also outsmarts Giyu during their first encounter with his move. Tanjiro uses his most powerful move which was passed down to him by his ancestors, the “Hinokami Kagura”, which turns his power into more like a Sun User similar to Yourichi.

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4. Gyomei Himejima

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They say that real reason Gyomei is always crying is because he feels bad for what he is going to do to his enemies, he has the title of the Stone Hashira and known as the Strongest Hashira in the lot. Despite being blind he can sense his opponent’s movements, and it never affected him as a disability. He is 7.2 and despite looking so calm he is a menace when he battles his opponents, he never wanted to become a demon slayer just like Tanjiro. Gyomei was an orphan who lived with other kids in a Buddhist Temple, one day a demon came and killed many kids but Gyomei survived this attack. He made a vow to become strong and end the demons, he tackled the Demon despite having no experience in anything whatsoever.

Gyomei was himself shocked by the strength he possessed when he attacked the demon, he was later recruited by Kagaya Ubuyashiki himself because of his strength and motivation to end demons. As said by Tengen Uzui, Gyomei became a Hashira by just training for two months! He activated his Demon Slayer Mark, which increased his strength, speed, stamina and battle abilitites to a higher scale. During the final battle with Kokushibo, he stated that in the last 300 years no one had made him struggle as much as Gyomei did. After they sliced down Upper Moon 1, Gyomei ran to help other Hashira’s fighting Muzan and cornered him with his immense strength.

3. Kokushibo

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Demon Slayer (10)


Kokushibo is the second antagonist after Muzan, he is also known as the Upper Moon One and the strongest Demon created by Muzan’s blood. In his early days Kokushibo was always jealous and envied the power of his younger twin Yourichi, this leads him to a path where he decided to turn into a demon just to defeat Yourichi once in his life. He is a tall demon with three set of eyes on his face and has red markings on his face that resemble flames. In terms of power, he is just behind the Demon King Muzan, during his 500 years as a demon he has killed a lot of demon slayers and hashiras.

Kokushibo is the user of the most powerful breathing technique which is “Total Concentration Breathing” and he also possesses the most perfect blood of Muzan inside his body which makes him so powerful. You can see how fast and powerful he is when he slashes off Akaza’s arm in an instant, he also mercilessly chopped of parts of Muichiro Tokito who is “Mist Hashira” and was the youngest ever to become one. He battled Gyomei, Muichiro and Sanemi the two most powerful Hashira’s and a prodigy alone with his unimaginable strength. It took Three Hashiras to push Kokushibo in a corner during a battle, his amazing character design and strength put him in our top 10 most popular demon slayer characters.

2. Muzan

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Demon Slayer (11)

Muzan, also known as the Demon King in the series, he is the one who created all the Twelve Kizukis and other strong demons. Muzan wanted to take over the humans by creating demons so powerful that even the Demon Slayers wouldn’t be able to kill them, but muzan alone is also a big threat to the demon slayer corps. His Immortality, Eternal Youth, Biokenesis and that Michael Jackson look made him one of the most popular characters in demon slayer. Even the strongest Hashira’s can’t go one to one with Muzan, they had to fight him together during the final battle but as soon as he transformed into his real form it was over.

Muzan had several tentacle-like arms which had sharp blades, when he started slashing the demon slayers were getting chopped into chunks of pieces. He was into a hiding because he wanted to kill every human related to Yourichi the strongest Hashira ever! Muzan’s unimaginable ability can be seen during the final death battle in the series, we can’t wait for it to be animated and we know this battle will break the internet!


Top 10 Strongest Characters in Demon Slayer (12)

Imagine a character that has only been shown in some flashbacks of Muzan, and despite that curiousity he managed to create in the fandom. Yourichi Tsugikuni is the Demon Slayer that the Demon King Muzan is scared off, remember when Muzan came across Tanjiro in the market and he started breathing heavily when he saw those Hanafuda earrings? Yes, that’s because it reminded him of Yourichi!

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He is the strongest Demon Slayer to ever exist in the History, he managed to invent a new breathing style known as the “Sun Breathing” which allowed him to use the power of the sun. During their lifetime as a demon slayer, they get a demon slayer mark or sometimes they don’t. But Yourichi was born with his mark, which made him overpowered since his birth. The power of his Sword combined with his Sun Breathing technique was something the demons couldn’t dodge, and he is the only one that put Muzan on his knees and let him live. That’s the reason Muzan was into a hiding for most of the series, as he had recruited the Upper Ranks to kill anything related to Yourichi and his lineage.

When a Demon Slayer activates his mark, it’s a given that he dies when he turns 25-year-old. But Yourichi never died and he died by old age that too standing up on his feet! This is why Yourichi Tsugikune tops our list of top 10 most popular demon slayer characters.

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