[Top 10] Genshin Impact Most Powerful Characters That Wreck Hard! (2023)

Which characters provide the best damage output in the game?

If you cannot decide which DPS to run, you have come to the right place. Genshin Impact has introduced many DPS characters over the time and , all of them are good enough for you to clear any domain and the Spiral Abyss. However, with their unique kits, some DPS characters have performed better than the other DPS characters by a considerable margin.

Before we begin, let us see what our criteria is, in ranking these characters.

1. First things first, the characters that you invest and build well are the ones who wreck hard.

2. Consistency of DMG dealing.

3. Level of investment to be done on a character.

4. Constellations are ignored (Every character shall be considered to be C0).

What you should keep in mind is that, you should choose the characters that you love to play regardless of how Meta they are because if you do not love their playstyle, you will not enjoy the game to the fullest.

10. Tartaglia (Childe)

[Top 10] Genshin Impact Most Powerful Characters That Wreck Hard! (1)

Tartaglia (Childe), 11th of the Fatui Harbringers

The Fatui Harbringer who slays his enemies with both the bow and melee, comes at 10th place in our list. Unlike other DPS characters, Childe does not level up with CRIT DMG. Therefore, he requires both CRIT DMG and CRIT rate scaling. While his burst deals enormous damage, he needs a lot of investment to get himself to a good level of CRIT attacks.

The scalings of his attack are mostly concentrated on the melee side. For example, at talent level 10, his burst (melee) DMG would be 835.2% which is great but the longer you stay in this mode, the longer the CD is. You can stay in melee stance for 30s max and it automatically changes back to ranged stance with a longer CD. This is not worth it because we do not want him to be on the field for that long because we need to use our support characters on the field for reactions as well. Because of this, at his C0, we can safely say that he is at the 10th rank of our list.

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9. Yoimiya

[Top 10] Genshin Impact Most Powerful Characters That Wreck Hard! (2)

Yoimiya, Fireworks expert and Naognohara Fireworks

The fireworks expert who always runs into trouble with the Tenryou commission, comes at the 9th place in our ranking. A well-built Yoimiya can deal decent enough damage. However, her scalings are not that impressive compared to other characters. If you invest in her, you can expect around 12k-15k damage per shot with some consistency. However, other characters have shown dealing so much more damage than her in terms of DPS.

Let me bring in some numbers for you. Yoimiya has one of the highest, if not the highest normal attack scalings out of all the characters in Genshin Impact. At level 10 normal attack, the aggregate of 1 to 5 hit DMG would be 762.27%, which is some appreciable DMG. However, her AoE DMG is not adequate for a good DPS character.

She deals AoE DMG mostly through her burst and its scaling is one of the worst you can possibly come across. At the talent level 10, her AoE would do 219.6% DMG while the skill, when the burst is active, would do 228.96% DMG per attack.

She can do insanely good damage with a good build against one opponent. However, when it comes to mobs, since she lacks her AoE, she would not be the best option for you. Hence, we ranked her at 9th.

8. Kamisato Ayato

[Top 10] Genshin Impact Most Powerful Characters That Wreck Hard! (3)

Kamisato Ayato, The Yashiro Commissioner

The Yashiro Commissioner, who was released recently, is yet to find his place in the game. With a well-balanced kit, Ayato brings in lightning fast strikes dealing Hydro DMG to the opponent using his elemental skill. Not only that, but also, his burst buffs these attacks and deals even more damage. He needs a moderate amount of investment and he is a very fun character to play with. Since Ayato is still a very new character, many experimentations need to be done on him before we judge his abilities.

Ayato deals his damage with his elemental skill and normal attacks followed by it. His burst provides additional 20% of ATK to his normal attacks as well. However, the scaling of this is an average amount. His DMG scales with his HP. At talent level 10, he would deal 1.11% of his max HP per stack when he uses his elemental skill. So, the aggregate would add up to about few hundred thousand (300k-350k) for an average player at C0 per elemental skill. Since his skill CD is about 12s, it is a decent amount of DMG for a DPS. In addition, initiating his burst, stacks 20% additional DMG to this overall DMG output. That makes him stand out of other DPS characters when it comes to consistency in DMG.

At C0, he can be safely set at 8th rank in our list.

7. Raiden Shogun

[Top 10] Genshin Impact Most Powerful Characters That Wreck Hard! (4)

Raiden Shogun, God of Eternity and Electro Archon

The God of Electro, who has never set a foot in a kitchen, fights with so much power, that even the weakest of elements so far, is portrayed overpowered. Raiden Shogun only takes 7th place in our rankings because the electro reactions do not scale like melt and vaporize reactions do. However, regardless of that, she deals consistent damage that aggregates to a huge number at the end of her field time.

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Raiden Shogun’s kit is made to complement her support characters as well (which is why she would be an awesome support character.). Once she does her elemental skill, other characters’ DMG will be buffed with electro and will deal a coordinated attack. This can be 75.6% at talent level 10 , which is decent for off field DMG. Moreover, her elemental skill allows other support characters’ burst DMG to gain additional DMG depending on their energy costs.

Raiden’s burst has a immense scaling of 721.44% at talent level 10. Her DMG output goes even higher with ER (0.4% Electro DMG bonus per 1% of ER above 100%).

Her versatility as a DPS and a support “shines eternal” (if you know what I mean), when she has constellations. Since we are considering C0, we can put her at rank 7. The amount of investment you need to do is also average. However, she can go up to the top 3 if you get her constellations.

6. Arataki Itto

[Top 10] Genshin Impact Most Powerful Characters That Wreck Hard! (5)

Arataki Itto, Leader of the Arataki Gang

This Oni with 1% brain and 99% kaboom comes at the 6th place in our rankings. Itto’s normal attack DMG scales decently and, just like Eula, he gains stacks of “Superlative Superstrength” which deal about 377.4% DMG at talent level 10.

Itto’s Ushi (elemental skill) hits like a truck sometimes dealing six digit numbers. At his talent level 10, Ushi would deal 552.96% of DMG, which is one of the highest of scalings for an elemental skill a character has so far.

While his normal and charged attacks are good enough, once he unleashes his burst, he reaches about 50k average DMG per strike, which is massive. This scales with flat DEF. At talent level 10, this would account for 103.68% of his DEF and this stacks with his normal and charged attack percentages.

The only thing that is holding him back is the Geo element. Its reactions with other elements are not that impressive. However, regardless of that, Itto makes a good DPS at his C0 and you need some amount of investment on him.

5. Xiao

[Top 10] Genshin Impact Most Powerful Characters That Wreck Hard! (6)

Xiao, Last remaining one of the five Vigilant Yakshas

This edgy demon slayer never ceases to amaze the players with his insane plunging attacks using his burst. He obliterates the enemy without even giving them a chance to breathe. With his recently released artifacts, Xiao has become one of the most overpowered characters in the game.

With exponential scaling on plunging attacks and burst, Xiao deals even more damage when other elements are infused with his Anemo application. At talent level 10, his plunging attack DMG would go up to 404.02%. This stacks with his elemental burst, which adds 95.2% DMG at talent level 10.

Although you need to do some high investments on his CRIT DMG, it will be worth it once you take him on the field. He jumps so high up into the air; he can easily dodge many of the boss attacks and keep dealing plunging attack DMG to them constantly. With an average build you can see about 50k in DMG per stack.

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Moreover, his elemental skill DMG also deals about 455.04% DMG at talent level 10. This makes him deal consistent DMG regardless of the type of attack he does. At his C0, we can safely rank him at rank 5 because of this.

4. Eula

[Top 10] Genshin Impact Most Powerful Characters That Wreck Hard! (7)

Eula Lawrence, Spindrift Knight of the Knights of Favonius

If you want to see DMG above 1 million, you should run your party with this character. Eula is a walking nuke waiting to evaporate her enemies into thin air. But, there is a catch. Eula needs heavy investments if you expect her to deal millions of DMG. Not only that but also, she has limited team comps. That is the only reason sheis at rank 4 but not at rank 1.

Eula is a physical DMG DPS. Eula’s normal attack percentages at level 10, from attack 1 - 5 adds up to 1093.54% of DMG, which is insane as an aggregate. But, that’s not where the beauty lies in her attack.

As you continue to do normal attacks, she will gain stacks of “Grimheart”, maximum up to 2. These Grimheart stacks increase her resistance to interruption. In addition, when you do an elemental skill (hold), these stacks will blow and deal AoE physical DMG to the opponents while decreasing their physical RES and Cryo RES by 25% each. At the talent level 10, she would deal about 442.08% DMG.

The real banger comes with her elemental burst. Once she deals the elemental burst, she summons a “Lightfall Sword” which lasts for 7s before it explodes. This Lightfall Sword can stack up to 30 stacks of charge. These stacks are gained through her normal attacks, elemental skill DMG and Grimheart bursts(elemental skill hold). Her elemental burst scales up to 442.08% (burst DMG) + 725.56% (lightfall sword base DMG). This is huge and it keeps adding up.

As I mentioned earlier, she can gain 30 stacks of charge for thisLightfall Sword. Each stack would add 148.24% to the light fall sword. At 30 stacks (Which you should do within 7s) she would deal, 5172.76% DMG (added the base DMG of lightfall sword as well) theoretically. This is how Eula accounts for millions of DMG.

But again, there is a catch. You can never do this when youare at C0. So, it is unrealistic at C0. At C6, I think I can safely say that she is the number 1. Another reason is that, stacking her DMG takes a lot of practice, as there are certain techniques to optimize the output.

She slaps hard even at C0. Now imagine if you had C6. Thereis another reason why we took her down on the ranking. The enemies like Abyss Lectors and Abyss Heralds have tough shields that break only when you do elemental reactions. Eula can be useless against enemies like this.

3. Kamisato Ayaka

[Top 10] Genshin Impact Most Powerful Characters That Wreck Hard! (8)

Kamisato Ayaka, Shirasagi Himegimi

Although Ayaka’s burst seems to have average scalings, it deals repeated damage that adds up to massive numbers. At level 10, she deals 202.14% DMG per slash continuously. In addition, the bloom DMG is 303.21%. This adds up to one of the biggest damage dealing bursts in the game. However, her burst does not have that much of an AoE like some other characters. Hence, this is most effective on a single enemy or a mob that is grouped together.

Also, her elemental skill scales exponentially. Once her weapon is infused with Cryo after her skill, she will continue to deal Cryo DMG to the opponents. At talent level 10, she would deal 430.56% DMG. Also, the enemies within that AoE would be launched away from her.

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With average investments, you can expect Ayaka to deal the best DMG with the right team comps. For an example, with Cryo resonance and grouping with Anemo characters (like Kazuha), Ayaka builds a team that cannot be matched with any other team comp in the game so far.

Because of her versatility in her kit, she can fit into many team comps as well. At C0, she can confidently stand at rank 3 and not lower.

2. Hu Tao

[Top 10] Genshin Impact Most Powerful Characters That Wreck Hard! (9)

Hu Tao, Director at the Wansheng Funeral Parlor

This playful and too sarcastic Wansheng Funeral Parlor director means business when it comes to damage dealing. The lower the HP, the better for her. She loses about 30% of her HP while using her elemental skill. Imagine dealing so much damage that even you lose your own HP (just like Xiao but even more).

Hu Tao’s ATK increases with her max HP. All her normal, charged and plunging attacks deal pyro DMG and they gain a 6.26% of max HP as additional ATK. If her HP is lower than 50%, her pyro DMG is increased by 33%. So, you want to keep her at a low HP to see some insane DMG.

Her elemental burst deals even more damage while restoring her HP. At talent level 10, she would deal 617.44% DMG at a low HP. Hu Tao requires a considerable amount of investment if you want to get the best out of her. With the Staff of Homa, she hits like a truck doing her duty; sending bad guys to the other world. At C0, she shines bright within the top 3 ranks. With careful consideration, we decided to put her at rank 2 because of her effective AoE compared to Ayaka.

1. Ganyu

[Top 10] Genshin Impact Most Powerful Characters That Wreck Hard! (10)

Ganyu, Adepti and Secretary of the Liyue Qixing

The real OG was, is and most probably will be Ganyu. No character is so broken like Ganyu so far in Genshin Impact. With average investment and Amo’s Bow in hand, Ganyu will deal over 60k DMG with her charged shots with no buffs.

No other character can deal DMG like Ganyu does within a short period of time. You might say a well-built Eula or an Ayaka would do. Yes, thatis true but, the investment you need to do on them is really high compared to Ganyu. Now imagine, a well invested Ganyu killing a floor within seconds in the Spiral Abyss.

Ganyu’s charged shots deal 230.4%+391.68% (622.08) at the talent level 10. Need I say more? You will be delivering consistent and high-scaled DMG to your enemies with an adequate AoE with your charged shots.

Ganyu’s elemental skill leaves an Ice Lotus that distracts enemies, drawing them towards it, so that you can shoot them from a safe distance or get away from the threat temporarily. After its duration, it blasts dealing Cryo DMG to the surrounding enemies. At talent level 10, it would deal 237.6% DMG, which is more than enough.

Her elemental burst has one of the biggest AoE in the game. It deals Cryo DMG to enemies by throwing Ice Shards on them randomly. At level 10, it deals 126.49% DMG. But, the interesting thing is that, if you are within this AoE, your charged attacks would gain an additional 20% of Cryo DMG.

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Even at C0, nobody comes even close to her when it comes to damage dealing. She is one of the most broken characters in the game and I do not believe they would create another one like that, at least in the near future.

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