Overwatch 2 Tier List (January 2023): Best Heroes Rankings Meta (2023)

Looking for an updated Overwatch 2 tier list for this meta? You’re on the right page then, because below you’ll find out exactly which are the best Overwatch 2 heroes for their specific roles.

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Since Overwatch 2 Beta just started, players are now quickly trying to figure out which are the best Overwatch 2 characters to pick and play with in this meta.

Are you wondering if Overwatch 2 heroes perform the same as the regular Overwatch ones? Well then, let’s take a look and see which characters still perform best in the new version of the game with our Overwatch 2 tier list.

But before we take a look at the Overwatch 2 best characters, here’s a quick explanation about each rank tier:

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Overwatch 2 Tier List Ranking Meaning

Overwatch 2 Tier List (January 2023): Best Heroes Rankings Meta (1)
  • Tier S Overwatch 2 heroes – These are OP in the current Overwatch 2 game meta. A skilled player can single-handedly win matches if they know what they’re doing with any of these OW2 characters.
  • Tier A Overwatch 2 – These Overwatch 2 characters are also pretty strong, and they are good both on defense and on the attack, so make sure to also pick these early into the game.
  • Tier B Overwatch 2 heroes – Kinda average, but these OW2 characters are still pretty good in the current game meta. Although don’t expect to become the MVP of every single game that you play.
  • Tier C Overwatch 2 heroes – these are below average in terms of abilities and usage. Still, you can absolutely have some fun and win games with these as well but if you want to climb that elo ladder make sure to pick the heroes that are ranked higher on this Overwatch 2 tier list.
  • Tier D Overwatch 2 heroes – You should probably avoid playing with these OW2 characters in this meta as they are not that good. What’s worse, is that some players might even become rude and toxic to you if you’re playing with them.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s take a look at our new Overwatch 2 tier list season 2.

January 2nd, 2023 Update: We have changed some rankings on our Overwatch 2 tier list for season 2 meta.

Overwatch 2 Tier List – Best Heroes to Pick This Meta

Overwatch 2 Tier List (January 2023): Best Heroes Rankings Meta (2)

Here are what we think are the best Overwatch 2 characters in the game. At least until some of them get nerfed or buffed.

Tier S Overwatch 2 Heroes

These are the best tanks, damage dealers, and support heroes in Overwatch 2 in the current meta:

  • Genji
  • Orisa
  • D.Va
  • Ana
  • Kiriko
  • Lucio

Tier A Overwatch 2 Heroes

These Overwatch 2 Heroes are also pretty good in the current season 2 meta, so go ahead and pick these up if you still have the chance and you like their playstyle:

  • Ashe
  • Tracer
  • Reaper
  • Sojourn
  • Doomfist
  • Sigma
  • Winston
  • Baptiste
  • Mercy
  • Moira

Tier B Overwatch 2 Heroes

These are your average OW2 heroes, they aren’t that OP but also not completely trash so you can still use these and win games:

  • Zarya
  • Roadhog
  • Widowmaker
  • Pharah
  • Junker Queen
  • Junkrat
  • Soldier: 76
  • Torbjorn
  • Ramattra
  • Zenyatta
  • Bastion

Tier C Overwatch 2 Heroes

These are your below-the-average heroes, they aren’t that great but they can still win games and become MVPs especially if you know how to play them.


  • Hanzo
  • Wrecking Ball
  • Reinhardt
  • Brigitte
  • Echo
  • Cassidy

Tier D Overwatch 2 Heroes

At the moment the following Overwatch 2 characters aren’t all that good, but hey if you enjoy them go ahead and use them, but don’t get surprised if you won’t be able to do too much or if you’re easily countered:

  • Mei
  • Symmetra
  • Sombra

Alright, so there you have it, at a quick glance we can quickly see that the best Overwatch 2 heroes at the moment are: Lucio, Moira, and Soldier 76.

Keep in mind though that the game is still in the beta testing phase and things might change in the upcoming months before the full release of the game later this year.

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How We Created This Overwatch 2 Tier List?

We base our tier list on in-depth research about the metagame and what’s working in it.

We make sure we’re up-to-date with the most recent game updates and patch notes as well as checking win rates for ranked matches and closely monitoring what the top players are using to dominate games and become MVP consistently. Also took some feedback from the Overwatch 2 community on Reddit and Discord as well.

And although we do our best to gather as much information as possible to create tier lists that will be helpful for players around the world, it’s important to remember that Overwatch 2 is a dynamic game with ever-changing mechanics that’s not yet fully released and in fact, it just started their second testing phase.


If you think we’ve misjudged a hero’s place on this Overwatch 2 tier list, let us know in the comments below and we’ll keep in mind your feedback the next time we update it.

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What is Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2 is a sequel to the popular FPS game Overwatch. It will include new PvP modes, maps, and gameplay changes, as well as a PvE story mode and hero missions.

Over the last few years, Blizzard has been pushing hard to make Overwatch a household name. It’s already one of the most popular games on Twitch and YouTube, and it’s one of the most-watched esports games in the world.

And now, with Overwatch 2 just around the corner, it looks like Blizzard is going to be doubling down on its efforts to make Overwatch even bigger than it already is.

Overwatch 2 is PvE Focused

Overwatch 2 will feature a completely new story mode (PvE content) that’s set before the original game. This means that we’ll get a chance to see some familiar faces before they became heroes (or villains) in the first installment of Overwatch.

We’re also getting new characters and stages as well as new gameplay modes that will help expand on what we’ve seen so far from competitive play and casual matches alike.

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The best part about PvE in Overwatch 2 is that it can be played solo or with friends — there’s no need for communication when playing on your own because the AI takes care of most of the grunt work for you.

New modes

Overwatch 2 will be adding a new game mode called “Push”. In it, players will have to guide a robot across the map and make sure that everything is secured and the robot is protected at all costs until the finish line.

New heroes and maps

Apparently, Overwatch 2 is going to get new heroes and maps every year as the game progresses and Blizzard moves forward updating the game with patches and expansions.

Overwatch 2 is Going Free-to-play

One of the most important aspects of Overwatch 2 is that the new game will be completely free to play. That’s a bit unusual coming from Blizzard as most of their games are buy-to-play or subscription-based.

Still, there are going to be items and bundle passes that players can purchase with real money if they want to spice up their gaming experience a little bit with new skins, and other cool stuff.

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What’s your opinion on our Overwatch 2 tier list? You can rate it below!

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Who is meta in Overwatch right now? ›

Overall, the best Tank heroes in the current meta of Overwatch 2 Season One are D.va, Zarya, and Winston. Winston in particular is seeing a lot of play in Overwatch League team compositions, but you cannot go wrong with any of these Tank heroes.

Who should I main in Overwatch 2? ›

The best heroes right now in Overwatch 2 are Genji, Lucio, Moira, Sigma, Sojourn, Sombra, and Zarya. These seven heroes all top our Overwatch 2 tier list for different reasons. Zarya and Sigma are the best Tanks in the game right now, capable of both dealing and taking stupendous amounts of damage for their team.

Who was hero 27 Overwatch? ›

Overwatch's 27th hero is Brigitte Lindholm, Blizzard Entertainment announced.

Who is #1 in Overwatch? ›

RankPlayerSkill Rating
21 more rows

Who is the number 1 player in Overwatch? ›


Who is the most op character in Overwatch 2? ›

Even after being removed from Overwatch 2 for several weeks and several nerfs, Bastion is still the most overpowered hero in the game. His new and improved Ultimate can prove deadly when paired with Zarya or Reinhardt's Ultimates to group up the opposing team.

Who does most damage in Overwatch 2? ›

1. Ashe. Ashe is another character with a high ceiling for damage, able to take down enemies at range while also not being useless at close range.

Who is the strongest Overwatch hero? ›

Sigma. It's almost unquestionable that Sigma is canonically the strongest character. Not only is Sigma extremely powerful in Overwatch 2, but his origin story trailer reveals that his powers far outreach the other heroes.

Who got nerfed in Overwatch 2? ›

Sojourn got some major (and arguably much-needed) nerfs. Power Slide's on a longer cooldown, for one thing. Her primary fire has a wider spread and her disruptor shot will no longer slow your movement if you're caught in it.

Why was McCree renamed? ›

Overwatch's fan-favourite cowboy character Jesse McCree finally has a new name after Activision Blizzard committed to changing it in the wake of California's ongoing lawsuit alleging sexual harassment and a "frat boy" culture at the company. Henceforth, Jesse McCree will be known as Cole Cassidy.

Who is the best Tank in Overwatch 2? ›

Orisa, Sigma, and Dva are the best Overwatch 2 tanks in Season 2.
  • ORISA. ...
  • Best situations: Payload escorting, pushing onto points, winning tank battles. ...
  • SIGMA. ...
  • Best situations: Holding choke points, escort. ...
  • DVA. ...
  • Best situations: Dive comps, countering high ground/Pharmercy. ...
Dec 12, 2022

Who is hero 32 Overwatch? ›

You've heard whispers of her progenitor: Mina Liao, one of the founders of Overwatch, her expertise invaluable to Jack Morrison, Gabriel Reyes, and Ana Amari against the looming threat of the Omnic Crisis. Now, she's finally here—Echo, the 32nd hero to join the ranks of the Overwatch roster.

Who was the 30th Overwatch hero? ›

Blizzard's team shooter Overwatch is hitting a major milestone today with the official unveiling of Baptiste, the game's 30th hero. Baptiste is a support character described as a “combat medic” who uses an array of gadgets to aid his team in battle.

What is Soldier 76's real name? ›

A rep also told Variety: “Yes, Soldier: 76 (aka Jack Morrison) identifies as LGBT. It was revealed in our latest short story, 'Bastet,' that Jack had a male love interest named Vincent.” The character, whose real name is Jack Morrison, appears in a new short story called “Bastet,” which features the character Ana.

Who was hero 31 Overwatch? ›

Blizzard has unveiled the identity of Overwatch's newest hero, revealing Sigma as Hero 31. Overwatch has spent the weekend teasing the game's next playable hero.

Who is the youngest girl in Overwatch? ›

Ages - from youngest to oldest
  • Under 1 - Orisa.
  • 14 - Wrecking Ball.
  • 19 - D'Va.
  • 20 - Zenyatta.
  • Early 20s - Kiriko.
  • 20-30 - Ramattra (approximate)
  • 23 - Brigitte.
  • 25 - Junkrat.
Nov 30, 2022

Who is the only girl in overwatch league? ›

In principle, both are mixed gender leagues, as they have no gender regulations for players. The reality, however, is quite different. In the Overwatch League, there has so far been only one woman: Kim “Geguri” Se-yeon from South Korea, representing Shanghai Dragons from February 2018 until the end of the 2020 season.

Who is the most liked Overwatch character? ›

According to Overbuff, as of January 4, 2023, the most popular hero in Overwatch 2 is Ana with an 8.79% pick rate, with Kiriko following in second at 7.41%, and Mercy in third at 5.99%.

Who was the 25th hero in Overwatch? ›


Who is the best Overwatch player DPS? ›

Soldier: 76. There is incredible parity among the DPS heroes, to the point that no one really stands out that clearly above the others. That said, Soldier: 76 makes the S tier because he doesn't seem to have any major weaknesses in the meta, giving him the highest pick rate in the role.

Who is the best tank in OW? ›

1. Orisa. Orisa makes a triumphant return in Overwatch 2, mostly in thanks to her massive overhaul. While Orisa was good in the original game, her abilities made her a second rate Reinhardt.

Who is the best healer in Overwatch 2? ›

Moira has been My personal favorite even after quite some rework; she allows massive chunks of healing while draining the health of the enemies, making her a truly ruthless support hero to have. Moira's skill tree keeps many confused due to her capability of outputting a good amount of damage to her foes.

Is Overwatch 2 pay to win? ›

Overwatch 2 is officially pay 2 win. If new heros are going to be locked behind a paywall, they have to be perfectly balanced. If they are too weak then people wont buy the battle pass and activision blizzard doesnt make their money. If new heros are OP, then the game is pay 2 win.

Why is DPS so hard in Overwatch 2? ›

It's not unusual for people to find it difficult. You have to kill fast and consistently two or three ennemies before your teamates die. You have to be able to win duels with pesky flankers (especially Genji) and eliminate long range menaces like Soldier and Hanzo.

Is overwatch 1 or Overwatch 2 worse? ›

While 5v5 and Push are more divisive, many do love both of them. However, it does not outdo the first Overwatch in every way. While Overwatch 2 has some slightly cleaner visuals, far better sound design, and improved lighting for all its maps, it does not manage to outdo its predecessor in some important areas.

Which character has the most HP in Overwatch? ›

List of hero HP
  • 425 / 625. Orisa. Tank. 275. 275. 125 [Terra Surge / Fortify]
  • 550 / 625. Ramattra. Tank. 450.
  • 600 [Nemesis Form] Reinhardt. Tank. 325. 300.
  • 550 / 950. Winston. Tank. 350. 200.
  • 700 / 1300. Zarya. Tank. 250. 225.
  • 250 / 350. Tracer. Damage. 150.
  • 200 / 300. Kiriko. Support. 200.
  • 200 / 950. Mercy. Support. 200.

Who is the strongest char? ›

Top 20 Strongest Characters of All Time
  • #8: Wonder Woman. ...
  • #7: Thanos. ...
  • #6: Thor. ...
  • #5: Unicron. ...
  • #4: The Incredible Hulk. ...
  • #3: Saitama. ...
  • #2: Goku. ...
  • #1: Superman. This is going to be controversial.
Sep 19, 2020

Is ow2 removing 2CP? ›

But one game mode that has been removed for the sequel might have flown under the radar for those preoccupied with the new content. That game mode is Assault - better known in the Overwatch community as Two Control Point (2CP).

How old is Genji Overwatch 2? ›

20/32 Genji (Age: 35, Height: 5'7'', Birth Year: 2041) This youngest son of the Shimada clan utilized his ninja training and cyborg abilities to excel as a swift, strong fighter. While skilled as a warrior, Genji also serves as a more carefree, rebellious counterpart to his older brother Hanzo.

Why was Bastion removed? ›

Blizzard temporarily removed Overwatch 2 heroes Bastion and Torbjörn from the game due to bugs in their ability kits, the developer said Monday. The company will update players on the status of the characters on its Known Issues forum.

Why did Jeff Kaplan retire? ›

In February 2009, Kaplan announced that he was stepping down as game director for WoW to switch his role at Blizzard to a new, unannounced MMO, which later was revealed as Titan.

Who is the Tankiest character? ›

At any rate, Tanks are a reality with which we will have to face, and if you can't beat them – join them. I've compiled the 10 Tankiest Champions in Season 12 of League of Legends in this list.
  • Tahm Kench. ...
  • Dr. ...
  • Malphite. ...
  • Sion. ...
  • Maokai. ...
  • Cho'Gath. ...
  • Darius. ...
  • Ornn.
Mar 28, 2022

Is Sigma the best tank? ›

Sigma. Sigma is one of the most well-rounded tanks, though he may take some getting used to. His main attack is slow, but hits hard and explodes on impact, dealing even more damage.

Is Zarya the best tank? ›

The research also found that 100% of the top 30 players have Zarya in their top three characters, so it's probably pretty safe to say that she's up there as one of the best tanks in the game, if not the best at this point in time.

Is Zarya a girl? ›

A former bodybuilder, 28-year-old Zarya is the strongest of the playable female characters and, in the short time the game has been out, has become a fan favorite for LGBT gamers.

Is symmetra autistic? ›

In Overwatch lore, Symmetra is a character with Autism, but it was rarely reflected in-game despite comics and other story pieces indicating that she is on the spectrum.

How old is Jesse McCree? ›

Jesse McCree is a lead game designer at Blizzard Entertainment and is the basis of McCree's appearance. There is a discrepancy about McCree's age: the official site states he is 37 years old, while the "Recall" animated short shows he is 38 years old.

Who is Genji's love interest Overwatch? ›

Gency is the het ship between Genji and Mercy from the Overwatch fandom.

Who did they name McCree after? ›

The new moniker is meant to distance the gunslinger from now-fired Blizzard game designer Jesse McCree, the character's namesake, who was terminated after the outcry over a toxic culture.

What was McCree's old name? ›

It's High Noon! McCree when he uses Deadeye. Cole Cassidy, also known as Jesse McCree, is one of the main protagonists and playable characters in the video game Overwatch. He is an American cowboy who was once a member of the Deadlock Gang, and is currently a member of Overwatch trying to make amends for his past.

Who is Tracer in love with? ›

Tracer is depicted in a romantic relationship with a woman named Emily, who is not on the Overwatch team. This confirmed Tracer as the first of several characters that Blizzard noted have diverse sexuality.

Is D.Va a boy? ›

D.Va is a fictional player character developed by Blizzard Entertainment for their Overwatch franchise.
Voiced byCharlet Chung
In-universe information
OccupationProfessional gamer (former) Mech pilot Online streamer
7 more rows

Who is Sombra's dad? ›

Sombra is Alejandra and 76 is her father.

Who is the strongest character in Overwatch? ›

Sigma. It's almost unquestionable that Sigma is canonically the strongest character. Not only is Sigma extremely powerful in Overwatch 2, but his origin story trailer reveals that his powers far outreach the other heroes.

What is the goat meta Overwatch? ›

Here's what you need to know: GOATS refers to a strategy that includes three tanks and three healers, and some very vocal fans hate it because it leads to less immediately satisfying action during big matches. It's safe, and safe is rarely entertaining.

What is the current Overwatch meta reddit? ›

The standard meta comp is Winston, Reaper, Sojourn, Lucio, and Kiriko. There are some variations of this comp such as Doomfist instead of Winston demonstrated by the LA Gladiators against London Spitfire. However, these variations will be ignored.

Is Soldier 76 meta? ›

Soldier: 76

There is incredible parity among the DPS heroes, to the point that no one really stands out that clearly above the others. That said, Soldier: 76 makes the S tier because he doesn't seem to have any major weaknesses in the meta, giving him the highest pick rate in the role.

Which hero has the most HP in Overwatch? ›

List of hero HP
  • 425 / 625. Orisa. Tank. 275. 275. 125 [Terra Surge / Fortify]
  • 550 / 625. Ramattra. Tank. 450.
  • 600 [Nemesis Form] Reinhardt. Tank. 325. 300.
  • 550 / 950. Winston. Tank. 350. 200.
  • 700 / 1300. Zarya. Tank. 250. 225.
  • 250 / 350. Tracer. Damage. 150.
  • 200 / 300. Kiriko. Support. 200.
  • 200 / 950. Mercy. Support. 200.

Who does the most damage in Overwatch? ›

One Overwatch player has managed to do more damage with one shot than most players can achieve in an entire game. Reddit user zhpete used McCree, Genji, Baptiste and Zenyatta to deal more than 34,000 damage in a single instance.

Is Overwatch a Deadgame? ›

Long live the game.

Why was GOATS so strong? ›

They have slim bodies that let them shimmy over ledges and squeeze close to rocks. Their hooves are split into two sections, allowing them to spread the halves to grip a larger rock surface. The bottoms of their hooves have rubbery pads, like shoe soles. The pads provided the goats with even more traction.

Why is it called GOATS? ›

GOAT is an acronym which stands for Greatest Of All Time. The label is reserved for players who are regarded as the best in their sports or for their teams. To qualify for the title a player must be regarded as not only the best player of their era but of every era before and after them.

Is TORB meta? ›

He is a useful dps against Tracer and Echo and thats kind of it. But no, him not being under 1% pickrate doesnt mean he is meta. he will never be meta don't worry.

Who is the best support in overwatch 2 reddit? ›

  • lucio.
  • kiriko.
  • bap (maybe I'm biased)
  • ana.
  • mercy.
  • zen (I personally prefer running a zen over mercy but u never know what type of players ull get on your team, which is why mercy is probably better)
  • Moira.
Nov 16, 2022

Who is Soldier: 76 in love with? ›

A rep also told Variety: “Yes, Soldier: 76 (aka Jack Morrison) identifies as LGBT. It was revealed in our latest short story, 'Bastet,' that Jack had a male love interest named Vincent.” The character, whose real name is Jack Morrison, appears in a new short story called “Bastet,” which features the character Ana.

Who is Soldier: 76 shipped with? ›

Also Known As. Soldier 76 – “Aren't you supposed to be dead?” Reaper – “Didn't take.” Reaper76 is the slash ship between Gabriel Reyes and Jack Morrison from the Overwatch fandom.


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