Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tier List (2023)

Capcom is hitting its stride in 2021, releasing two new entries in its major franchises withResident Evil VillageandMonster Hunter Rise.Already,Monster Hunter Rise is the fourth best-selling game of 2021, and is currently the second-biggest game in theMonster Hunterfranchise. Aside from the fun of slaying monsters, part of the draw forMonster Hunter gamesis the variety of weapons to choose from.Monster Hunter Rise is no different, with 14 unique weapons players can pick up and learn.

While many players started building their anticipatedweapon tier lists duringMonster Hunter Rise's demo,the full game has allowed players to experiment even more with the available options. Every weapon inMonster Hunter Risehas its pros and cons, and some are better for certain situations over others. All of the available weapons in the game are useful, and players can master any weapon to make it effective. Any tier list will naturally be a bit subjective, but the following tiers take into account factors such as damage output, learning curves, and more.

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S-Tier Weapons

Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tier List (1)
  • Hunting Horn

Starting out with the S-tier weapons, the Hunting Horn will probably not come a surprise to many who have been playing Monster Hunter Rise. The weapon has seen definite improvements over past appearances, helping streamline the weapon and add to its utility. Getting buffs is as simple ashitting a couple combos, and the Magnificent Trio melody activates all stored buffs. The Hunting Horn doesn't sacrifice damage output for its utility though, as this weapon can pack a mean punch.Several Hunting Horn buildsmake for cool-looking weapons, but can also change out the specific song buffs a player has access to. The Hunting Horn is great for solo players or co-op, and players will see it often in online play.

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  • Long Sword

The Long Sword in Monster Hunterhas typically been a popular weapon throughout the series, and it was actually the most used weapon in the demo for this game.It has great range for a melee weapon, pretty quick attacks, and can fulfill a player's desire to be a samurai. Players will need to take time to truly master the Long Sword and unlock its potential, but even its basic combos are useful. Being able to dodge and immediately counterattack keeps players engaged in fights, allowing for more mobility than some other weapons. The Long Sword's Spirit Blade attacks can dish out heavy damage against monsters, especially when used at opportune moments.

  • Switch Axe

The Switch Axe is another weaponthat players will have to train with to reach its full potential. Even though there is a learning curve for the Switch Axe, any player that sets their mind to it can get the hang of it pretty quickly. Being a weapon with dual forms, players will switch between a giant axe and sword throughout its combos. The sword mode is temporary, and will end up needing to recharge after some time, but both forms are reliable damage dealers. Plus, the Switch Axe's Zero Sum Discharge is probably the strongest attack in the game. The Switch Axe is a very reliable damaging weapon, and players will no doubt have some fun wildly swinging this weapon around.

A-Tier Weapons

Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tier List (2)
  • Charge Blade

Starting off the A-tier is the Charge Blade in Monster Hunter Rise, which is pretty similar to the Switch Axe. This weapon also has two forms, with the basic sword/shield mode filling a meter that can eventually let the weapon transform into a giant battle axe. The Charge Blade is a bit more difficult to master than the Switch Axe, but still has the ability to deal steady damage through both of its forms. Connecting the Super Elemental Discharge move on a monster is a great feeling, especially seeing the devastating damage that can be done.

  • Light Bowgun

Monster Hunter Rise provides players with two types of Bowguns which are great for ranged combat, even though they require a huge investment of time and resources. Much like the name implies, the Light Bowgun is the lighter option, allowing for increased mobility and evasive maneuvers in fights. While the damage output for the Light Bowgun is manageable, players are able to mostly use this weapon for its status-afflicting ammo. The Light Bowgun is a great ranged-support weapon, and that is likely where its effectiveness lies.

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  • Heavy Bowgun

Much like its companion, the Heavy Bowgun is great for ranged combat, but will require a steady supply of ammo.The Heavy Bowgun has great damage output, especially when using a type of ammo a monster is weak to. This weapon requires players to be a bit more informed about what they are getting into, since players won't be able to hack and slash their way out of a fight. At the very least, the Silkbind attacks will allow players to counter some monster attacks.

  • Great Sword

The Great Sword is arguablyMonster Hunter's most iconic weapon, appearing all throughout the series, so it's no surprise that it ranks high up on the list. While the weapon's attacks are slower, they can deal massive damage when connected.The Great Sword has a solid movesetfor both newer players and veterans to work with, and is still a great choice even though it doesn't have the range of the Long Sword. The Wirebug mechanic lets players also charge up an aerial attack, which allows for a bit more versatility against different monsters.

B-Tier Weapons

  • Gunlance

The Gunlance is proof that, sometimes, slow and steady wins the race. It may deal with low mobility issues, but can often release a large amount of damage, especially with its Shelling. The Gunlance has powerful combos, and its Wyvern's Fire is definitely one of the most powerful moves in the game. Even though the Gunlance is great at breaking through a monster's defenses, the skill curve is too large to make the weapon useful right off the bat. Along with the rest of the weapons is B-tier, these are great picks and definitely have their usefulness. However, the weapons are best suited for players who can have fun with them.

  • Insect Glaive

Monster Hunter Rise's Insect Glaive is a bit more streamlined that in previous entries, especially when it comes to the Kinsect mechanic that the weapon relies on. The Insect Glaive has some of the best mobility of out all the weapons, both vertically and generally in the air. The Kinsect harvests buffs from monsters that can help power up a player's attacks, but this has to be a constant thought in players' minds during each fight. Even though this weapon doesn't match the damage output of others, it can be immensely satisfying to time attacks well enough to fully connect a Jumping Advance Slash, just to reset with a Vaulting Dance into the air.

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  • Hammer

The Hammer is a solid weapon, and can be a heavy hitter if used properly. Players will need to focus on accuracy when using this weapon, because they can become vulnerable to a monster's attacks if they miss their own. Charging up the weapon drains stamina, but allows for bigger and better combos that can deal massive amounts of damage. The key with the hammer is to always aim for the head, which can be tricky with certain monsters.

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C-Tier Weapons

Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tier List (4)
  • Lance

The Lance is a sturdy weaponthat is one of the best shielded options available, especially with its ability to poke out at monsters.It is easy to use, and players will get the hang of stabbing out at enemies and guarding against attacks. Like the Gunlance, this weapon suffers from low mobility, and can be a tough pick against fast monsters. Some players may get bored of using this weapon, while others may never tire of it. The Lance, along with the other weapons in C-tier, aren't necessarily bad. Some players will love using these weapons, and any player can master a weapon, but there are just generally better options to choose from.

  • Dual Blades

The Dual Blades are quick and are great weapons that can apply status effects and elemental damage. While each individual swipe is weak, the weapon makes up for it with the utter speed at which players can landhit. Plus, when Demon or Archdemon modeis in effect, players can unleash a devastating amount of damage. The Dual Blades are a great choice for players that just want to dive in to a fight, andtheyeven allow for evasive dashes since the weapon doesn't have a guard. However, the Dual Blades can sometimes lend themselves to recklessness.

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  • Sword and Shield

Even though Capcom could definitely show the Sword and Shield a bit more love, this weapon is still a pretty decent pick, especially when players use the best builds for the Sword and Shield. The key to using this weapon effectively is memorizing all of its combos to effectively deal out damage. The Windmill Silkbind move is fantastic, allowing for a bit of invincibility along with damage. Unfortunately, the Sword and Shieldisn't the easiest to pick up and make useful.

D-Tier Weapons

Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tier List (5)
  • Bow

Sorry to all the Bow users out there, but this weapon does find itself at the bottom of the tier list as the sole entry in D-tier. The Bow is by no means a bad weapon, but the Bowguns are more efficient ways to deal ranged damage and offer ranged support. Players can definitely commit to optimizing their performance with the Bow, and there are several cool types of the weapon,such asthe Weaver of Flame Bow. With the special coatings players can add to arrows, the Bow can be useful in online play as a support item. Unfortunately, many players will find the Bow unwieldy as a solo weapon.

And that is the tier list for all the weapons in the game at this point. Again, no tier list is fully objective, and any player can have fun with any weapon. Also, severalMonster Hunter Risereviewspoint out how this installment's Wirebug mechanic really changes the game. Every weapon has the opportunity to shine with all the different Silkbind attacks that players can activate. Each player will likely gravitate toward certain weapons over others. As long as a player tries to bring out a weapon's full potential, anyMonster Hunter Rise weapon is a good weapon.

Monster Hunter Rise is available on Nintendo Switch, with a PC port releasing in 2022.

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