Monster Hunter Rise: Complete Hammer Guide (2023)

Monster Hunter Rise marks the 6th major installment in Capcom's landmark series of zany action RPGs. Since its release for the switch on March 26th, the game hasenjoyed apositive reception from fans and critics alike, with many monsters and features returning from the last gamealongside the new ones.

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There are 14 different weapon types in Monster Hunter Rise, each with its own unique moves and playstyle. While hammers may sound like brutal weapons for rampaging around the battlefield with wild abandon, they are actually one of the more difficult weapons to master. With the strongest single-attack damage of any weapon in the game, the hammer requires patience and accuracy to be wielded effectively.

How To Play Hammer

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Despite their cumbersome appearance, hammers are surgical weapons for delivering well-timed, precise strikes to a monster's head. The playstyle for this weapon involves strafing beasts and waiting for the chance to land a headshot, as hitting any other part of their body won't make use of the hammer's high stun damage.

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The strongest attacks for hammers need to be charged by holding down ZR. The hunter will flash for each charge level and the strongest attacks will often require 3 flashes to deal the most damage. Unlike greatswords, hammer playersdon't need to stay stationary while charging attacks and this extra mobility is extremely useful for lining up headshots. The ability to stun enemies and knock them down makes the hammer especially useful for capturing monsters as well as killing them.

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Always Aim For The Head

Hammers are difficult to use because they require accuracy to deal maximum damage. Since charged attacks drain stamina quickly it is vital to make every hit count and doing so will require hitting the head as often as possible.Headshots will deal stun damage which knocks enemies down and reduces their ability to fight back.

Monsters will move their heads more frequently than other body parts making patience and positioning invaluable. Players should charge their attacks while they position themselves so the head is directly in front of their hunter and in the center of the screen. Hitting any other part of the body won't deal stun damage and will give the monster a chance to counter-attack. Landing headshots will take a bit of practice and players who are struggling may want to find the training area to practice lining up their strikes against a static object.

Stamina Management Is Essential

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There are many differences between Rise and its predecessor, Monster Hunter World but one thing that hasn't changed is the importance of stamina management, especially for hammer players. Charging attacks with the hammer will drain stamina so players should make full use of the ability to move and strafe the monster waiting for the right moment to release ZR.

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Stamina is possibly the most important stat for hammer classes as all of their most powerful attacks need at least 2 charges. There are no guard moves for this weapon type so failed attacks can often leave a hunter vulnerable if they haven't saved enough stamina to dodge away.

Best Combos For Hammer

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Switch skills are a new feature added to Monster Hunter Rise, allowing players to switch between two different sets of skills by pressing A while holding down ZR to charge. They are unlocked as players progress through the game and can be used to create varied and lethal combinations of attacks.


A strong stun combo for hammers is to hold ZR for two charges and letting go while pushing the left analog stick towards the monster. This will make the hunter do a double charged upswing that can be immediately followed with a triple stun (A-X-X) for an effective close-range attack.

Should players wish to keep their distance from a monster they can use the spinning bludgeon move to attack the enemy from afar. The ability for hammers to attack from close or long-range is what makes them one of the better weapons classes in Monster Hunter Rise. After holding ZR for three charges hold down ZL and X to throw out a wirebug. If the wirebug is above the monster's head then the attack has been aimed correctly which will take practice to pull off consistently. Once the player has lined themselves up they can release ZR to leap through the air and deliver a spinning bludgeon to the head. Once any monster has been downed by either of these attacks the impact crater move (ZL-A) can be used to deliver critical damage.

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Best Skills For Hammers

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Hammers specialize in raw attack power but have low sharpness meaning they can't be used to severe tails or other limbs. Without guard moves, hammers have to focus on using their high mobility to evade attacks.

Since the hammer uses a lot of stamina, skills such as marathon runner, stamina surge, or stamina thief are very useful. Focus is also a valuable skill as it reduces charge time and works well with the slugger skill that further increases the hammer's damage output. For fans of the triple charge spinning bludgeon attack, the wirebug whisperer perk increases the duration of wirebugs while speeding up their recovery rate.

Early Game Hammer Builds

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Each set of armor in Monster Hunter Rise is made up of five pieces, each of which confers its own skills and buffs. Players will receive additional bonuses if they are wearing three or more pieces from the same set. However, sometimes mixing sets can be more useful as players can access a wider variety of skills.

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At the beginning of the game, players will want to gather iron ore and start with a War Hammer-I as this is a powerful weapon that can be made with cheap materials. For armor, it is wise to focus on sets or individual pieces that grant an attack boost. The bone coil is particularly useful in the early game as it is one of the first items with the focus skill.

High-Rank Hammer Builds

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As players progress through the game they will start to unlock S-sets of armor that look the same as their original sets but have better skills attached to them. As players start attempting quests of level 4 and above, the 5 pronged Hammer-I is a decent weapon with good all-around stats. The Cyclo-Hammer I is another great choice with the highest raw damage of any weapon in the game at this level.

The Khezu-S set is one of the best armors sets in Monster Hunter Rise for hammers as the greaves alone grant the slugger, focus, and recovery speed skills. Combining this with the Kulu-S Gauntlets will also add the stamina thief skill which allows hammer players to recover stamina while further reducing their prey's chance to hit back. The Kamura Garb-S chest piece has the level 2 wirebug whisperer perk which makes it a great choice for players who enjoy the hammer's aerial attacks.

Best Equipment For Facing The Final Boss

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When facing Narwa, the final boss of Monster Hunter Rise, players will want the best equipment available to them. The Night Eternal hammer is a good choice for the endgame as it has one of the highest damage outputs and poison damage. The only weapons with higher attack power are the Usurper's Thunder and the Despot's Cackle however since thesedeliver thunder damage theyarenot extremely effective against 'Thunder Serpent Narwa'.

One of the best armor combinations for the end game includes the Anjanath-S helm, chest piece, and greaves, with Rathalos-S braces and coil. This combo provides +6 attack power overall as well as level 3 focus for quicker charges and marathon runner toreduce stamina loss. With all of these perks and buffs combined, players will be able to move fast and hit incredibly hard, making short work of the final monsters in the game.

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Is the hammer good in Monster Hunter Rise? ›

Hammers are among the best weapon types in Monster Hunter Rise, and these behemoths are the most useful in battle. Hammers in Monster Hunter represent the absolute best in the franchise when it comes to wrecking opponents, especially in Monster Hunter Rise.

What is the strongest hammer in Monster Hunter Rise? ›

1. Tigrex Hammer – The Best Hammer in Monster Hunter Rise.

What tree has the best hammer Monster Hunter Rise? ›

The Nargacuga Tree delivers some of the best weapons in Monster Hunter Rise for affinity and sharpness, with the tree's Hammers also being the best in this regard.

What is the weakest weapon in Monster Hunter Rise? ›

Lance. Widely considered the most underwhelming weapon in Rise, the Lance got a general buff to most of its attacks.

What is the most difficult weapon in Monster Hunter Rise? ›

The Charge Blade is the most complex weapon in Monster Hunter Rise.


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