Genshin Impact: 10 Most Powerful Characters (So Far) (2023)

Unique among gacha games for its open-world experience, Genshin Impacthas seemingly taken the world by storm since its release in September 2020. Available on various platforms— including iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, and the PS4 (with a Nintendo Switch release on the way), it's arguably one of the most accessible gacha games to date.


Its playable characters have "Visions," gifts from the Gods that allow the characters control over a select elemental force, making any who wield one quite powerful. However, power in Tevayt is measured by much more than just brute strength with several nations highly valuing politics, money, and status. Out of its extensive cast of characters, these select few are without a doubt the most powerful in the game (at the time of writing).


10 Klee

Genshin Impact: 10 Most Powerful Characters (So Far) (1)

Though only a child, Klee is one of the most destructive forces ever seen in-game, largely due to her proficiency and fascination with pyrotechnics. Largely taking after her mother, Klee's definition of fun is throwing bombs anywhere she can and watching the explosions. She apparently also has a habit of throwing bombs in bodies of water as an alternative method of fishing.

Having been taken under the wing of Grandmaster Jean of the Knights of Favonious, Klee often has difficulty complying with safety rules and regulations needed within a city. Jean has to remind Klee about the dangers of her explosives, with varying success. One can only shake with fear at the thought of an adult Klee, who would no doubt have even more powerful and effective bombs.

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9 Mona

A powerful astrologist, Mona can discern much from even causal glances at people, having figured out others' names, intentions, and histories in mere seconds. She's well known throughout Tevyat for combining her hydromancy abilitieswith her astrological powers and for being rather blunt when disclosing the truth of situations to others.

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Though sometimes seen as a fortune teller, Mona detests the idea of using her abilities for money, no matter how hungry she gets. Her main motivation is simply her research. Since she doesn't exploit her powers, she's not as influential, recognized, or as powerful as others on this list.

8 JeanGunnhildr

Genshin Impact: 10 Most Powerful Characters (So Far) (3)

The (acting) Grandmaster of the Knights of Favonius, Jean also holds the title of the Dandelion Knight and the Liontooth Knight, well renowned for her tireless efforts to assist Mondstadt's citizens— no matter how small the task. Quite literally the backbone of her city, Jean dedicates herself to her duty as the sword and shield of Mondstadt.

Jean's mastery over her Vision is quite versatile, as she's able to both heal her allies and send her enemies flying with a wave of her sword. While she's highly respected and revered, that influence doesn't extend to far outside of Mondstadt, thus limiting her in terms of political power.

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7 Xiao/Alatus

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Though he has a young man's appearance, Xiao is thousands of years old and the last remaining Yaksha in Teyvat. As a Yaksha, Xiao was charged with the extermination of demons that plagued the land following the Archon War. Xiao and his brethren eventually accumulated what is known as karmic debt, which wears away at one's soul and sanity. Though Xiao has remained in control of himself, he has stated that he is in constant pain.

As a Yaksha and an Adepti, Xiao has immense power at his disposal, and his name is largely feared and respected among other Adepti. His thousands of years of experience in combat grant him an extensive knowledge of fighting, and he's demonstrated the ability to teleport anywhere he wishes. However, he doesn't have much influence in mortal affairs, affecting his overall "power."

6 Zhongli/Morax/Rex Lapis

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On the surface, Zhongli appears to be just an ordinary businessman— with seemingly no money anytime he needs it. In reality, Zhongli is one of The Seven, the Archons who rule over the seven nations of Teyvat. He is also one of the last remaining individuals of the original Seven and is the oldest living god.

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Being the lord of Geo, he's capable of creating and shifting large amounts of rock and terrain, with many of the mountainous formations in Liyue said to be his throwing spears from the Archon War. Additionally, he was capable of creating Mora, the currency of Teyvat, which was consequently named after him. Even without his Gnosis (which gave have him much of his divine powers), his 6,000-year life span has gifted him with vast intelligence and expertise in pretty much every influential aspect of the world. He's also still pretty good in a fight.

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5 Tartaglia/Childe

Genshin Impact: 10 Most Powerful Characters (So Far) (6)

A member of the 11 Fatui Harbingers, Childe is well known and feared throughout Liyue as a master combatant. Considered to be one of the most dangerous Harbingers, he has a vast amount of Mora, is a highly proficient spy and manipulator, possesses both a Vision and a Delusion— the latter of which has enough power to drive an individual mad.

Childe is proficient in swordsmanship, marksmanship, and displays a large amount of control over his hydro vision and electric delusion, creating great constructs of water and electricity like gigantic whales and lighting bolts. With his status as a Fatui Harbinger, Childe also wields a large amount of influence in nearly every nation seen in the game so far— as the Fatui have implanted themselves under the guise of diplomats.

4 Ningguang

Genshin Impact: 10 Most Powerful Characters (So Far) (7)

Leader of the Liyue Qixing— the ruling and governing body of Liyue— Ningguang is one of the wealthiest people in the world. Gaining her status through hard work and perseverance, she almost always looks at situations from a business angle. Furthermore, she is the owner of the prestigious Jade Chamber, a floating palace of her own design that contained the secrets, information, and business dealings of nearly all Liyue.

Ningguang is also highly skilled at wielding her Vision, gifted to her by the Geo Archon, and additionally possesses powers that aren't seemingly related to her element, such a levitation. Furthermore, she can mobilize and fortify the Jade Chamber with seemingly little effort and using abilities that are rather unclear.


3 Venti/Barbatos

Genshin Impact: 10 Most Powerful Characters (So Far) (8)

A traveling bard in Mondstadt, Venti is noted for his rather carefree attitude and love of wine. Like Zhongli, Venti is an Archon in hiding and is, in truth, the Ameno god Barbatos. Though he scarcely involves himself with Mondstadt's politics, he does make an effort to keep a watchful eye on his domain and intervene when necessary. Venti doesn't wish to rule over Mondstadt as it goes against the very principle it was founded on: Freedom.

Despite this, Mondstadt is largely devoted to the Ameno god and holds him in high regard, and its people do their best to follow his wishes of living freely. This arguably makes him highly influential, as Mondstadt is living by his words. Combined with his expert marksmanship and control over Ameno, it largely makes up for his lack of Mora.

2 Signora

Genshin Impact: 10 Most Powerful Characters (So Far) (9)

Like Childe, Signora is also a member of the Fatui Harbingers and seemingly more ruthless. When she first appeared, she incapacitated The Traveler, Piamon, and Venti with a single snap of her fingers and was able to forcefully rip Venti's Gnosis from his body. It's worth noting that she did so seemingly without access to a Vision or Delusion.

Though little is still known about her, her actions speak for themselves, and other characters observe that she's probably a lot more powerful than she's letting on.

1 The Traveler — Aether/Lumine

Genshin Impact: 10 Most Powerful Characters (So Far) (10)
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The main protagonist of Genshin, The Traveler is a naturally powerful person, but their uniqueness is what truly places them above the rest. A being from another world (and possibly a god themselves), The Traveler once seemed to have access to flight, and superhuman speed— and possibly has a myriad of other powers that were sealed away at the beginning of the game.

Still, even without access to these abilities, The Traveler can "resonate" with numerous gods' powers and is stated to be able to master any element they gain. While it's not an in-game feature yet, players may be able to swap between elements at will in the future instead of seeking out the different Statues of the Seven to switch. Combined with the connections they've been able to form in Monsadt and Liyue, they also hold a certain level of influence no other character has.



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