20 Best Indian Sports Websites Expanding Sports Knowledge (2023)

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Indian sports websites can accomplish anumber of things. It can help you know about your favorite sport and sportsperson, keep you updated on the upcoming events, latest news and also videos about the action.

With the emergence of the internet in our lives, everything has changed. We have started communicating differently as we search, read and live online. Though there are many passionate sports writers in India, below is the list of Indian sports websites which we encounter a lot while researching about sports content. Thought it would be useful for you.

1. Indian Sports News

The thought to bring out www.indiansportsnews.com originated up with passion and love for the game and from the absence of any other credible site on Indian sports aside from cricket during the time when they started. They have attempted to adopt the game in its totality which is commendable, meaning that there will be much focus on domestic sports like Kabaddi, wrestling etc.

2. Cricbuzz

20 Best Indian Sports Websites Expanding Sports Knowledge (1)

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Cric Buzz is among the best cricketing websites in India. It covers cricket events at state, domestic and the international levels. Apart from news, photographs, and live match updates, this cricket portal has editorials, videos, interviews, opinion polls and fantasy cricket games.

3. Ekalavyas

20 Best Indian Sports Websites Expanding Sports Knowledge (2)

Ekalavyas provides exclusive, original and first-hand updates, photos, and videos from major tournaments in India at all levels: Senior (Professional), College and School,

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that otherwise escape our radars. It started with a basketball blog but later expanded to adventure sports and other off beat sports. Do check them out.

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4. Indian Athletics

20 Best Indian Sports Websites Expanding Sports Knowledge (3)

This is the official website for the Athletics Federation of India. The website gives information about latest and old championships and tournaments participated by the Indian athletes, photo gallery of such events, rankings and profiles of famous Indian athletes, and a calendar listing of the upcoming events.

5. Indian Football Network

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This is a blog space for all the Indian football followers. It is an initiative taken by a group of Samaritans who are devoted to Indian football fans, some of the students and some others professionals.Indian football needs to reach out to more people. That is the aim of the football fans who started IFN.

6. KreedOn

20 Best Indian Sports Websites Expanding Sports Knowledge (4)

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Let’s start with our own story. With our tagline “Voice of Indian Sports”, we are voicing the struggles and triumphs of athletes through their stories. The stories of professional Indian athletes who want to make their presence felt at the National and International arena.

We are trying to create an exclusive media platform where the problem of ‘recognition’ faced by sportsperson can be solved.By highlighting the stories of India’s unsung heroes, we are creating a brand and building a solid platform for emerging athletes of the future.Apart from this, we try toraise attention towards issues Indian sports ecosystem.

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7. Hockey India Blog

20 Best Indian Sports Websites Expanding Sports Knowledge (5)

This is the official news website of Indian hockey and they regularly update it for all the information about Indian hockey. Additionally, you can also find photos, videos and schedule of Indian hockey team.

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8. Sportskeeda

20 Best Indian Sports Websites Expanding Sports Knowledge (6)

Sportskeedais an all-sports website covering global sports. The site covers (International and Indian) mainstream sports likefootball,cricket,tennis,basketball,hockey,Formula One,badminton,professional wrestling,mixed martial artsetc. This site has gain a lot of popularity due to its global appeal.

9. Chess Gurukul

20 Best Indian Sports Websites Expanding Sports Knowledge (7)

The site is dedicated to the game of chess. It gives the latest news on what is happening in the world of chess. You can take a look at the upcoming and concluded events and tournaments across the world. This is a private for the betterment of chess in India

10. PGT of India

20 Best Indian Sports Websites Expanding Sports Knowledge (8)

This sports website gives everything about Golf including live scores, TV telecast timings, news articles, history of Indian Golf, game statistics, photo gallery, player profiles and their world rankings. If you want to know about Indian golf, this could be a great destination.

11. Sportstarlive

20 Best Indian Sports Websites Expanding Sports Knowledge (9)

Sportstar, which started as a print only multi-sport magazine per week on July 15, 1978, has been operating successfully for the past 37 decades. It’s a cherished offering by the Hindu group, an institution having an innate fascination with sports and that continues to be backing all athletic action together with whole-hearted zeal for at least a century throughout the sports pages of its flagship, The Hindu paper. It covers all sports.

12. Indian Olympic Council

20 Best Indian Sports Websites Expanding Sports Knowledge (10)

Official website of the Indian Olympics Association. It has the Indian Olympic Constitution, its history, and details about the State Olympic Federations, National Sports Federation and the awards won in the international event till date.

13. Kunal’s F1 Blog

20 Best Indian Sports Websites Expanding Sports Knowledge (11)

One of the best blogs on Formula One racing managed by Kunal. He has spent nearly 2 decades in the sports industry in India – first as a racer and then as a sports marketing professional. He wishes to share his experiences with this initiative to address the Indian F1 fan leading up to the 2011 Indian Grand Prix and further. This blog also serves as an aggregator of all his past, present, and future columns on the sport.

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14. The Fan Garage

20 Best Indian Sports Websites Expanding Sports Knowledge (12)

TFG brings alive everything that sports fans want to experience their favorite teams and players. With fans at the center, TFG provides incisive analysis of various aspects related to a sport, so that fans are aware of the dynamics influencing their idols and teams, and their performance.

15. Hoopistani Blog

The blog ‘Hoopistani’ provides regular features, news, and events information about all that concerns hoops in Hindustan. But this site reaches out further from the Indian shores. It also covers the world’s finest hoops leagues to bring you top quality features for the international reader. With an eye on China in recent years, this blog also offers content regarding Chinese basketball and the CBA!

This is not an exhaustive list and there are many sports lovers who are working for Indian sports. In the years to come, you will see them coming ahead. Keep following and sharing stories of Indian sports.

16. Indian Sports News

20 Best Indian Sports Websites Expanding Sports Knowledge (13)

Indian Sports News or ISN is, as the name suggests, a media company specialized in sports. The company mainly covers sports like cricket, football, badminton, hockey, golf, and tennis, among others. It also has featured articles on Top 10 in Sports, Legends of India, and know your sports.

17. Goal

20 Best Indian Sports Websites Expanding Sports Knowledge (14)

Goal is seasoned name when it comes to covering the sport of football. An international association football news website, Goal was founded by Gianluigi Longinotti-Buitoni and Chicco Merighi in 2004. It is by far, the largest online football publication in the world and the second largest when it comes to online sports publication in the world. Goal has a global coverage with a support for over 19 language across some 50 countries.

18. SportingIndia

SportingIndia is a sports news portal specialized in covering sports like Athletics, Cricket, Hockey, Badminton and Tennis. It was created with a view of spreading awareness about sports.

19. Fisto

20 Best Indian Sports Websites Expanding Sports Knowledge (15)

Fisto Sports is one of India’s fastest growing online sports magazine. It is dedicated towards the promotion of the country’s young talents from schools and colleges. Fisto’s main goal is to not only identify but also feature and endorse talented athletes thereby providing them with all the means to succeed. The team that created Fisto is also behind SPOTLIGHT, a pioneering platform allowing athletes to refer themselves to get featured in its online magazine.

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20. Sports India Show

Sports India Show is another website that covers Indian current affairs in the field of sports. Launched last year, it is one of those rare platform where you will find sports like Boxing, Basketball, WWE, and Fighting covered among others.

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